Friday, May 31, 2013

Khat Kufi - My first trial

This is my first try doing khat Kufi..I made it myself ok!
Yeah, of course lah tengok tutorial bagai. Newbie lah katakan.

I tried to spell my name in Jawi (pic above)


But not bad kan? hehe!
Though it's look err.....pelik sikit. Yeah I admit it, memang pelik pun. But it is worth trying !

Below here are some more Kufi I made using Photoshop CS4


See...cantek kan?

For sure la at first, the result is not as you expect or you want
But as long as you put your real effort in, InsyaAllah you can see the positive outcome 

Same goes to our real life
Sometimes, we didn't expect something to happen. It might be good or bad thing

Most of us see the bad thing only from its dark side
But actually in every darkness, there is light



Everybody got problem(s). 
But the way you see the problem will determine your action

Problem was 'created' for us to overcome, not to run away from it
Then only you can see the hikmah behind it

* Doing khat Kufi remember me drawing Digimon on Math-grid-exercise-book back then during primary school..haih, kuat betul pengaruh kartun ni..90's children sure lah pernah buat benda ni kan?

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hakiemy said...

Well done n well said! Nak lg..nk sy xde pon??


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