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Dietetics Viva Exam Experience

Alhamdulilah, hari ni baru dapat menulis setelah beberapa hari sibuk dengan pelbagai urusan.

Cerita pasal final year exam.

Dietetics viva voce exam. Exam penutup bagi student deitetics. Kira ibu segala exam.

Beberapa hari sebelum viva, jadual giliran keluar. Cepat-cepat tengok. Nervous. Candidate ke berapa agaknya? Bila tengok turn,

I'm the first candidate to sit for viva exam!

Exam dijadualkan start pukul 9.00 pagi untuk calon pertama. Sesi viva selama 15 minit diperuntukkan untuk setiap calon.

Dietetics viva ni lain sikit. Tak macam viva thesis hari tu yang kena present research, then baru ada Q&A session. Dietetics viva ni Q&A session semata-mata. Tak ada present apa-apa pun. Masuk, duduk, jawab je la soalan examiner tanya.

Soalan-soalan yang ditanya sangat broad. Boleh jadi apa-apa je. Ikut suka examiner tu la nak tanya apa. Oleh sebab gitu la kaedahnya, diri ni pun dengan yakin nye tak buat preparation apa-apa pun. Hehe.

Datang awal. 8.30 dah sampai kampus. Viva kat Bilik Mesyuarat Senat.

8.45 pagi - Keadaan masih stable lagi. Sambil dok hafal apa-apa yang patut. Katering. Klinikal. Teori. Praktikal.

8.55 pagi - Oh, 5 minit lagi. Tachycardia. Adrenaline berlumba-lumba.

9.00 pagi - Pasrah. Kaku. Tunggu dipanggil aje.

9.05 pagi - Eh, dah lambat ni. Kenapa tak start lagi? Sebagai calon pertama yang akan masuk dalam bilik tu, nervous tak payah cerita. Tapi masih boleh dikawal. Maybe. Rakan-rakan yang lain cuba beri semangat.

9.10 pagi - "First candidate, Emynur Shafekh bin Semen, are you ready?" I'm nodded. "Ok you can go in now."

Langkah kanan. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

First thing I saw was Mr. I as time keeper. Then 2 examiners on my left. One internal examiner - Miss A and one external examiner - Mdm. B (Head of Department from Hospital Tunku Ja'afar, Negeri Sembilan).

You may sit. Asked Miss A. Exam was conducted fully in English.

"Ok, please introduce yourself." Asked Mdm B.

I'm introducing myself about 2-3 minutes. Just a brief intro. In the meantime, I saw Mdm. B reviewed my resume.

Sesi viva seterusnya ditujah dengan soalan-soalan daripada external examiner:

"Emynur, are you really want to be a dietitian after graduate?"

"What if your don't get the job as a dietitian? What will you do?"

"Do you think taking Master is the best choice if you don't get the job?"

"If you say want to join the private, in what sector? In what field?"

"What are the other fields that you can join instead of hospital or healthcare sector?"

"What if you don't get the job?"
...(she repeating the same question - testing my stand and my confidence)

"How long do you expect to be jobless after graduate?"

"If I am the manager from the private sector, how can I buy you? Is it worth for me to employ you?"
...I am about to answer the question, suddenly...

"Sell yourself!"

"Yes, sell yourself! So that I can buy you!"
...Ok, I 'sold' myself confidently...she smiled..
...I touched little bit about community programs that I've organized before..

"Emynur, do you think dietitian can work together with nutritionist in community field? How it will be?"

"What are the parameter do you use to see the interest from community on your program? What are the results?"

"Do you think Malaysia need more dietitian than nutritionist?"

Mr. I showed something written on paper to the examiners. "Time is over", perhaps.

I was like...fuhhh..finally, it comes to the end. But, it is not!

Then the internal examiner, Miss A started to throw questions to was more on clinical part.

"What are the toughest case have you managed?"
...50 years old male come with vomiting x2/52, loss of appetite x1/12, dysphagia, significant unintended weight loss, diagnosed with metastatic gastric cancer, planning for gastric surgery and chemotherapy, nasogastric Ryle's tube feeding intolerance..and with other complications..

"How can you say the patient has intolerance?"

"How do you managed it?"

"What product does you prescribed to this patient?"

"How about the regime?"

"Can he tolerate?"

"What will you do if the patient can't tolerate with the regime you've prescribed?"

"What were your future plan for this patient?"

"After the patient undergone gastrectomy, how do you manage it? And what are the complications?"

"What was your future plan for this patient?"

Then the examiners looked at a glance at their watch.

"OK, it's enough for you. This session is finish. Thank you."

Finally, I end up my viva examination at 9.40 am - about 30 minutes! 15 minutes extra from the other candidates.

Tips: Stay calm and answer the questions with confidence!

Selepas semua habis viva. Unofficially graduated! Yeay!

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